On behalf of the symposium Conveners, it is our great pleasure to receive you in Puerto Varas, Southern Chile for the celebration of the 7th International Symposium of Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching, ISSESR7.

The ISSESR symposiums have travelled far and wide since Norway 1997, Japan 2002, USA 2006, China 2011, Australia 2015 and USA 2019, with the purpose of exploring the scientific basis and practice of aquaculture-based and habitat-based fisheries enhancement, and identify where these approaches can be improved and integrated to provide innovative solutions and create new opportunities for sustainable resource management. Now we are delighted to host the 7th ISSESR for first time in south América

Symposium overview

Persistent degradation of supporting ecosystem services, climate-based impacts, and overfishing continue to constrain the productivity of many fisheries across the world. The development of aquaculture-aided enhancement, where appropriate, is critical to ameliorating the impacts of these pressures and securing the social and economic benefits that these fisheries support. This paradigm continues to develop, with aquaculture-aided enhancement increasingly important for managing threatened populations of a wide array of aquatic species.

From Nov. 5-8, 2024, the 7th International Symposium on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching, ISSESR7 will be held in Puerto Varas, Los Lagos Region, Chile, to review, explore and further develop the scientific basis and practice of conservation aquaculture and fisheries enhancement sciences, with a focus on adapting to shared challenges associated with ecological and fishery restoration.

For more info visit https://searanching.org

ISSESR7 will provide an international forum for students and scientists from all continents to present new studies, discuss on potential new applications, project future perspectives and expand their research networks.

ISSESR7 is part of the activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Instituto de Fomento Pesquero (IFOP), the institution that since 1964 is working for the sustainable and ecosystemic use of the country’s aquatic resources, significantly stimulating aquaculture and sustainable fishing in Chile, as well as contributing to the generation and transfer of fundamental knowledge for environmental decision-making in the era of climate change.

We look forward to meeting you in Puerto Varas, Los Lagos Region, in November 2024.