Keynote Speakers

Dr. Clara Obregón

Faculty of Business and Law, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), Australia

Dr. Obregon is a fisheries scientist, focusing on the human dimensions of fisheries and fisheries sustainability. Her primary interests include working with fishing communities, government agencies and other stakeholders to provide a better understanding of small-scale fisheries governance and to support the sustainability and resilience of the communities depending on fisheries resources.

Dr. Luis Outeiro

Center for Dynamic Research of High Latitude Marine Ecosystems (IDEAL), Chile

Dr. Outeiro is an interdisciplinary researcher on marine socio-ecological systems using spatial modelling and quantitative approaches. His main interests are fisheries and aquaculture, and among other he has used ecosystem based modelling for fisheries and aquaculture with a food web modelling approach to explain the past trajectories of fisheries and to infer ecosystem based carrying capacities for aquaculture. Beyond that, he has also worked with qualitative research using incorporating anthropological frameworks into his research, but also spatial distribution modelling of species with bayesian techniques. After his postdoc´s in Brazil, Portugal, Chile and Spain, he is now in charge of the interdisciplinary team of the IDEAL research centre of the Austral University of Chile.